Kamene, Obinna and late Edwin Chiloba
Kamene, Obinna and late Edwin Chiloba

Kiss FM presenters Kamene Goro and Oga Obinna have reacted to the killing of fashion designer and model Edwin Chiloba.

Chiloba was found stuffed in a metallic box in Mogombet area of Kapsaret in Uasin Gishu County.

Kamene reminded the listeners that Kenya is a warm country that cannot start propagating violence.

"Its a Friday but we woke up to some. The young man by the name Edwin Chiloba, a fashion designer, a model, he is a known personality in the country. I think we all kinda know what it is. He has been termed as an activist," she said

Adding "This is not the first story of this kind that we've heard. So, he was stuffed in a metal box. My people, we cannot start to propergate and perpetuate hate crimes. We cannot get to this point. "

She went on to give examples of incidences in the US.

"We see the level of violence even in the US. Where something as simple as a music video shoot can turn out t be a full death scene. We saw what happened to Takeoff. French Montanna was shooting a video, ten people died. We cannot be a country of hate, we have so many things that we are struggling with as a nation, hate cannot be something that we start to manifest."

Obinna advised people to let others live their lives the way they want to.

"Before you take someone's life, thats someone else's bread winner, son or daughter, friend, cousin. It has not gotten to that point, times have changed. We are in 2023, lets just have an open mind, different people live differently, you don't have power over their lives."

"We have diverse opinions, diverse preferences and thats what makes us beautiful."

The police in Uasin Gishu are investigating the murder.

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