Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz has defended his friend Haji Manara after he was left by his second wife Rushyna and ridiculed on social media.

Manara is a well-known football fanatic in Tanzania. Diamond has encouraged his friend that this too will pass.


"The way some people are speaking about your marriage is proof of how jealous they have been about your marriages. Did anyone prevent them from getting married?" he asked.


Adding, "This too will pass like many others have. I know you have zero pressure because this has added more fame and endorsements."

In his defense, Manara told Clouds FM that he was not going to throw shade back at a woman he once loved.

"I will not fight with her online because she was my wife. I will not trend until the end of the year, it is very temporary, maybe two to three days."

He then confirmed, "Yes, I have split with her."