Patience Ozokwor
Nigerian actress Patience Ozokwor

Nollywood actress Patience Ozokwor, aka Mama G, says she wouldn't advise anyone to leave their marriage over infidelity.

The veteran actress said this during Mercy Johnson's cooking show 'Mercy's Menu'.

"I am not going to leave my house for anybody. You are the visitor that came in, find your way out. I will so hold my family, polish it and sweep out all the dirt," she said in the video that has now gone viral.


On why she did not marry after her husband died, Ozokwor said her kids were not for the idea.

"I wanted to remarry but my kids had already come of age and they pleaded with me not to marry another man and they promised they would be my husband," she said.

"They asked me to stay single for them so their friends will not laugh at them that at their age their mum remarried, and I understood them. Though it was selfish of them, but I paid the huge sacrifice for them, no sacrifice is too huge for family."


Mercy Johnson appreciated her for opening up on her show saying,

"Mama G is a great cook and dancer, too! It was a great pleasure to have the legend in my kitchen! Interesting conversations, words of wisdom and advice from the legend herself."

Ozokwor said she had previously advised Mercy Johnson to quit indecent dressing.

"Do you remember when you were younger before you got married? Remember I told you that the photos you take today, your children will see them tomorrow and ask you immediately the kind of lifestyle you lived?" she asked Johnson.

In response, the mother of four agreed.

"Yes, you did. You told me, ‘Mercy, dress properly, you will have kids and when they grow up, they will ask you, why are you looking this way?’ Yes, I remember, I’m lucky."