Monalisa” hitmaker Lojay has released ‘Moto’, a heart wrenching Afrobeats number, the latest single from his upcoming new EP Gangster Romantic due for release March 3rd 2023, and is a follow up to his energetic dance floor-facing singles “Leader!” and “Canada”. 

Moto' goes at a slower and more sober pace, with the track showcasing a more vulnerable side to Lojay as he reflects on romantic loss, yearning and dashed dreams.

Easing in with soft electric guitar strums and mellow Afrobeats percussion, ‘Moto’ was produced by Lojay himself with finishing touches added by Elementz and AOD.

Its video is directed by prolific Atlanta-based director Des Gray who is responsible for visuals for the likes of Quavo, Davido and Lil Baby. Starring Lojay himself, the video explores the narrative of his relationship and eventual breakup, edited with a consuming tint of  blue to mirror the grave intensity of the song.

Carrying a sombre energy throughout, ‘Moto' explores heartache  through the lush layers of Lojay’s distinctive vocals as he showcases his lyrical abilities through raw songwriting and storytelling.

His upcoming EP is representative of the turbulent world of Lojay, marked by passionate affairs, in-depth reflection, acute fears, and romanticism. It’s an intimate reflection on the past year of his life, with Lojay re-purposing his candid journals and emotional entries on love, life, and heartbreak into a broody, sonic diary rife with reflections, expectations and contemplation on independence. The result is a moodier world, brimming with bouncy direction and effortless energy as he bares himself, leaving nothing behind. 

Lojay has cemented his status as one of the most exciting players in the Afrobeats world right now.