Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi
Image: Instagram

Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee who has been living in the US in the last three years has hinted that she might be making a musical comeback.

Mdee shared a throwback video of when she was singing in 2019 at the Crans Montana Forum.

"I miss performing," she wrote


She went on to write;

"Trusting God for my next step as a performer. Waiting on His instruction."

In 2020, Mdee made fans believe that she had quit music. In her podcast, she described the music industry as demonic.


“The reason why I have to leave the industry is that I needed to choose my life, the music industry is demonic,” Vanessa said in the podcast.

She continued;

"Now my fans are probably asking themselves right now ‘are you gonna never sing again? Are we never gonna see you perform?’ Let me reiterate. I love music, I love to create, and I love to perform. I’m a vessel."

"This is what I was brought on earth to be, but maybe I was a vessel to be here in this moment to have gone through everything that I have gone through so that I can tell you most honestly the truth about things you will never hear somewhere else,” she explained herself further."