Diamond Platnumz
Image: courtesy

Diamond Platnumz and his team underwent huge losses over the weekend thanks to a blackout. 

In his Mtwara show, Diamond had invited tens of artistes to perform during his Wasafi Festival, which they did.

But the area experienced a blackout just 30 minutes after Diamond got on stage. The singer asked his fans to go home and come back the next day for a free show.


One of Diamond's managers, Mkubwa Fella has said that the singer and the team have undergone losses that exceeded Tsh 93 million which approximates to over Ksh 5.4 million.

"The loss is too much. The loss is more than that. Because we have not counted. Because there is the stage, the sound, the field, the artistes and the show was free of charge. The show was done two days," he told SNS

"We had to pay the artistes twice."


Adding "At the end of the day, God is the one who plans. The artiste did like four songs and saw he had not satisfied the artistes."

"We gave the whole situation to God. We wanted to show the fans that we love them."

While announcing the news of the cancellation of the show, Diamond said;

"MTWARA!!!! MTWARA!!!! Kutokana na itirafu ya Umeme Jana katikati ya Show yangu, Leo kuanzia Asubuhi Mpaka Saa 12 jioni Ni na wasanii Mbalimbali wa Wasafi Festival tutakua tunaperform tena Live Katika Uwanja wa NANGWANDA."