Director Public Policy and Government Relations for TikTok Fortune Mgwili-Sibanda broke his silence on the petition to ban tiktok in Kenya.

Speaking to Kalondu Musyimi, Mr Mgwili said there was no ban.

"There is no ban but you have a right to petition the government to look at an issue that you feel is affecting you or your rights."

He explained "So what's happening is people have come to parliament and said 'ban titktok' because of these reasons. Parliament has its own processes, so they'll investigate and the speaker ordered the committee on communication to look into the petition. "

He agreed that there has been bad content in the platform which has also been going against TikTok's own policy.

So, what could be the solution?

"Self-regulation is what works. Even before this, we have been in conversation with KFCB where when it comes to platforms like these they navigate towards self-regulation."

"We have our own rules like; no violence, no hate speech, no adult sexual activities. The content that is causing all these is actually violating our own rules as well. It is against our interest for it to be there."

He added that the petition had opened up a conversation among Kenyans on how TikTok can improve on how it moderates content.

"We welcome the feedback because it is helping us to clean up the platform."