Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu
Tanzanian singers Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu
Image: Instagram

Diamond Platnumz and singer Zuchu have continued to show some public display of affection.

The two started showing off to the public in December last year, when Diamond took her for dinner during Christmas eve.

Since then, their relationship has been the talk of town and over the weekend, they shared a kiss in front of thousands of people while performing their song 'Mtasubiri'

"....Utanizalia?" Diamond asked Zuchu when ad libing to the song

He then looked and kissed her before she left the stage.



Meanwhile, Mama Zuchu said in a recent interview that she does not recognize Zuchu and Diamond's relationship.

The Taarab singer added that the only relationship she will accept has followed the protocol of dowry payment.

"Mahusiano yake siyajui. Sababu mahusiano tunayoyajua sisi wazee kwa utaratibu wa utamaduni wetu mtu akija kiposa ndio unayajua mahusiano. Lakini mahusiano ya nje siyajui. Anayajua yeye mwenyewe kwa hilo muulize yeye mwenyewe," She told Wasafi Media

(I do not know her relationship. Because the relationships that we old people know according to the order of our culture, is when someone comes to the house and introduces themselves, that's when you know about the relationships. But I don't know foreign relations. Ask her about the relationship)

"Ila bado hajaposwa, hakuna mahari. Kama kuna mtu ana mapesa yake aje, sio pesa nyingi. Simba hajamuoa wala hajaleta mahari, sio mumewe wala sio mchumba wake, mtu mwingine yeyote anawezakuja."

(But she is not married yet, there is no dowry. If someone has money, they should come, it's not a lot of money. Simba has not married her nor brought dowry, he is neither her husband nor her fiancé, anyone else can come)