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Kiss FM presenter Kwambox spent her holiday in the coastal areas of Kenya. While at it, she noticed elderly 'beach boys' who seemed to have been in the 'game' for years.

"At what point do we stop calling them beach boys and at what point do they elevate to beach men," she asked.

Kwambox added she realized that there's no limit to the age at which you become a beach boy.


"And I'm looking at these guys and I'm like those are beach grandpas. The guy has grey hair, he looks like he has lived a good career there at the beach."

Just like most people, Kwambox also didn't know what their job description was.

"And I'm not sure what particular thing they do there at the beach, is it that they show you the ocean, is it that they sell you something, is the beach theirs."


"I think there's a difference between a beach boy and a beach grandpa."