Pritty Vishy
Image: Instagram/Pritty Vishy.

Pritty Vishy is sharing an unpopular opinion she has. Stevo Simple Boy's ex-lover shared on her Instagram stories about being a side chick.

"I'm not a side chick, I'm a girlfriend to your husband," she wrote.

Adding, "He decided to be unfaithful to your marriage."


Last month, Vishy trolled her ex after it was rumoured that his marriage was in trouble.

"Shawrry of pain knew firsthand, not that I follow the life of my ex but because he is close to my friend. Yooh, things are worse not what you think," Pritty said on her Instagram account

She further added, '"From 'Pritty used to cheat on me with 50 men' to 'my ex should stay aside' and then... 'the pregnancy is not mine, he cheated on me.'"


Last year, Stevo introduced his wife Grace to the world. Stevo said one of the reasons he fell in love with her was her humility.

"She is submissive, She loves God and she is open with everything," he answered when asked why he loves her 

"I spoke to her family and I told them that I am the one with her. We are planning to have a family meeting to know where the dowry is gonna be taken because Grace's father is late and has a stepfather. So we want to know where exactly we are taking the dowry, whether to her mother, her uncles, or her step-father."