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So you want a huge yansh that you can shake to your favourite Nigerian song? What if I told you, you can get that at the gym for a fraction of the cost you would if you opted for surgical enhancements?

I bet you would probably first try and find out how much he surgical option will cost and because you are still here reading this article, I am sure you realized it is way above your pay grade.

So allow me to tell you how you can work your way to the perfect derriere:


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Ask any gym bro about squats and they will assure you that squats are the exercise of choice. They target the glutes and the quads aka the yansh and thighs. Technically they target the entire body but since we are talking about the derriere then it is only worth noting that they primarily target quads and glutes.


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While this is primarily a back exercise, it targets your glutes and legs too. Think compound exercises. This particular exercise will help tone your badonkadonkdonk.


With this particular exercise, the targeted muscles include the glutes in your hips and butt along with the hamstrings and quadriceps in your thighs.

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The idea behind these exercises is for you to work out your lower back and legs so that you not only grow the glutes but tone it. The reason why surgical implants are a bad idea is that the look unnatural. Look at Kim Kadarshian, she looks like she is in diapers whenever she rocks leggings or trousers for that matter.