Whew! Kenya is back to allowing banks to sell us, Kenyan citizens, exorbitant loans in what politicians are convinced will help give the economy the stimulus it requires. Why is that you ask? Because we voted in clowns who went on a borrowing spree and who have sunk this beautiful nation into debt.

And who was the one to announce this error in judgement to Kenyans? None other than Moses Kuria. And the Gatundu South Member of parliament did so after calling a press conference. It’s almost like we didn’t know the economy is in the doldrums because you know, we are cushioned by taxpayers. That is why we needed… Back to the matter at hand.

Lucy Njambi's funeral
Politician Moses Kuria speaks at Lucy Njambi’s funeral

Kamene Goro is convinced that she has found Kenya’s next president. A man who was part of the establishment that sunk us into debt and now has come out to ask for forgiveness as his solution.