King of Kasabun, Timmy T Dat joined Adelle and Shaffie in studio today on Breakfast With The Stars to talk about his music and what he has been up to all this time.

Last time we heard from him, he was a radio presenter but suddenly disappeared without explanation or warning.

He explained to the KISS FM presenters why:

when it started it was good and exciting. it is hard to mix music and other things so i decided to let go to avoid straining myself. I am faithful to my first love, music

Timmy T Dat was in a serious relationship with Kush Tracy, who is now saved. The two had gone through a lot together, including being involved in a very grisly road accident.

But despite the fact that it is over, he has found love in another lady. A lady who could be in the industry,  – well based on his answer to the question if he is dating anyone.

yes, I am in a very serious relationship and I want it to underwaters. details to be REVEALED soon but for now, just know that I am in a relationship.

Contrary to his last relationship, this one he says he will not reveal much because he has learnt from experience.

experience is the best teacher. something pushes you to post the best side of life but it has a side effect. when you are beefing you will post on social media and people will be all over your business.

Adelle asked him if this relationship will lead to a wedding?

I don’t like weddings. I mean we don’t have time. We will just go to the AG, and let life go on. the relevant people will know about it. just parents and close friends

His bitter and public relationship with ex Kush Tracy that led to a breakup, is the reason why he wants to keep his new bae private this time.

As an artiste who is in the limelight, there are a few things he cannot do in public for fear of ridicule. For instance he can’t just eat what he wants, to avoid the public from saying he is poor.

I can’t leave his normal life of chapati madodo or going to a kibanda even buying a few things in the supermarket is tough

Timmy T Dat was also in studio to release his new jam, Kipopo featuring, Rosa Rae,a Tanzanian rapper. Kasabun revealed that the two got together for the hit track after sending a simple DM.

Wedding bells! Timmy T Dat receives a grand wedding proposal

Timmy DM’d her and she was excited to do this project with him because she was already well conversant with his music and she likes it.

The two developed chemistry fast. You can tell from their music video below:

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