If there is another master of the DM other than the king himself, DNG, it is Willy Paul.

The lady by the name I am Sweet Bird on Instagram has exposed him for his cocky behaviour. This will be the third girl this year who has exposed him.

In fact, every Willy Paul ‘love story’ starts in the DMs and there are few who have fallen victim to his ‘charm’.

I am Sweet Bird is a Somali entrepreneur who seems to have her life together and from her social media page, she loves to travel. Now a girl like this does not want a broke Kenyan artiste as she called him.

Bwana Mkunaji’s charm failed this time. He asked for her number and she cut him off saying,

She then made it a point to expose him. In fact, she told him if he tries that nonsense again, she will have him beat up.

 Weh! Screenshot will be the death of Nairobi men.

It’s funny how he is disturbing women out in the DM yet he is claiming he found love in the white babe he has been posting. Read all about her below:

Meet Willy Paul’s sexy new mzungu girlfriend

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