So everyone’s closet needs this, even more than a little black dress! A pair of Ankara shoes! I know some places really over price their Ankara shoes, but this is an investment you must make! Plus regardless of your style, there’s something for you – from sneakers to heels!

1. Ankara Sneakers and Ngomas

These can spice up an outfit and you’ll still be hella comfortable!

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2. Ankara Heels
Every girl needs a few pair of heels – and out of those, some must be Ankara!

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3. Ankara Wedges
If you’re like me and you prefer wedges to heels – there are Ankara wedges. If you ask me, Ankara looks so much better on wedges, look!

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Most local designers can re-do your fave pair of shoes with your choice of Ankara fabric. It’s a great way to give an old pair of shoes a few more years for you to rock them!