Popular Youtuber Elodie Zone seems to have totally moved on from ex-boyfriend Sean Andrew, who is the grandson of former president Mwai Kibaki.

The USIU kid has been flaunting a mysterious man on social media as the two have been spotted having fun at the coast and even swapping saliva in public.

The Youtuber recently took to IG to appreciate her new lover pointing out that the two have been bahaving like husband and wife.

elodie zone 2

“I have a relationship where we talk like bestfriends, play like kids, protect each other like siblings and behave like husband and wife. Most of our relationship has been long distance but I fall more and more in love each day regardless. Happy anniversary ❤”

Before she moved on, Elodie and Andrew Kibaki had a nasty public break-up, they deleted each other’s photos on social media and exchanged words before us all much to our amusement.


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A year down the line, Elodie has moved on. About Sean Andrews it seems, might still be picking up the pieces.

Check out their photos of the new catch;


elodie z


elodie zone


elodie zone 3


elodie zone 1





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