Tanasha Donna has finally released all her pregnancy photoshoot photos as she teases towards her impending baby shower celebration.

WCB Management finally responds to Harmonize with ultimatum

The radio personality better known for being the apple of Diamond Platnumz’ eye killed her photoshoot and when she released her photos in piecemeal, one couldnae help but compare the photos to those of Diamond’s previous women, Zari and Hamisa Mobetto.

Compare Zari and Tanasha’s maternity photoshoot

It worth noting that Diamond was only present at Zari’s photoshoot. Anyway, this is about the photos she has released thus far and trust that she is still looking stunning even with Diamond’s bun in the oven -something about a pregnancy glow I guess.

Anyway, check out her more recent photos:

And the ones from the previous set of photos are below:


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