For some weird reasons, following the coronavirus outbreak, I have been looking at this whole stay at home thing the wrong way.

I have explored all the negative sides especially between partners, lovers as well as the single people.

How about we shift gears today and focus on the family unit and more so how they are the biggest winners amid all this crisis.

For the fathers and mothers out there, forgetting the financial aspects, this is how the stay at home directive will end up doing them more good than harm. 

Ample family time

This goes without saying, this simply means more family time where as a family you can get to enjoy doing stuff together. This may include having evening walks, enjoying family game nights, cooking together and many other activities.

This will go a long way in bringing the family together and build a stronger foundation for the future.

Nurturing your kids’ talents

Most of the time, fathers tend to miss out on their kid’s milestones, given the mere fact that mothers spend more time with them.

Now with the current situation, fathers have a great opportunity to make up for the lost time and learn more about their kids as well as nurture their talents.


Speaking about nurturing talents, parents can now take the chance and introduce homeschooling for their kids.

This will as well help horn their skills and help them improve where they have been failing.

Instilling Godly values 

Unless you were raised by an atheist, every Christian family tend to instill Godly values and this period would surely boost these efforts. For example parents can ensure that they pray together and read a verse or two every evening.

Improve couple relationships

Kids aside, this period might end up being all some relationships needed. Spending ample time together, strategizing about the future, making new memories as well as working on improving their relationships.