Otile Brown and Vera Sidika should start a reality show at this rate.

Everytime we wake up, something new is happening between them even after they have broken up.

This soap opera started with the two calling each other ‘best friend’, before they broke the news that they are in love.

Then they took a baecation to Mauritius and we were all just jealous wishing we could fly with our loved ones to Mauritius.

Kenyan Socialite Vera Sidika & artist Otile Brown
Kenyan Socialite Vera Sidika & artist Otile Brown

Next thing we know there is a video out dubbed Baby Love. Otile Brown confessed his love for Vera Sidika in the song where she was his vixen.

Right after that song, they broke up. Vera told us he was using her just to make his song a hit.

The argument was a painful back and forth until they rekindled their love in Dubai during Otile’s performance and Vera’s birthday vacation months later.

A week or so later, they have broken up again and Vera revealed this in a video giving us solid evidence that all he does is use her to an extent of borrowing her money.

Specifically, Otile asked for Ksh500,000 to buy a Mercedes Benz.

The past weekend, Otile Brown bought a pristine white Benz without Vera’s money. He also apologized to her for all the shade he has been throwing online.

Isn’t that good enough to be a reality show?

Now, the recent drama has been between the loyal fans of Vera and Otile. They are throwing shade  all over social media.

Otile’s post recent post about his performance was the battle ground. He wrote:

Their Love is pure and genuine, am humbled. Thank you 


One Samantha commented on the post saying:

“they were only appreciating Queen Vee in this song…don’t even feel that you were too dumb to have mistreated her and used her that way yet her featuring in this song has always pivoted you…you boy kukosa masomo elimu bora balaa. ona sasa your song depends on the queen for you to get mafans.”

Otile Brown/ Instagram

This did not settle well with Otile Brown. I guess he is still bitter after he was embarrassed by Vera all over the internet. He replied to her saying:

“you and your queen issues. me I am way gone dear. its simple just unfollow if I disgust you or i’ll do you a favour of blocking your a**”

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