This is beyond being a fan. One Morah has vowed to kill Paul Okoye former member of the popular Nigerian Duo P-square.

Morah who is apparently a Kenyan who lives in Tanzania sent out a message to him seeking financial help from to study in the US but before that, she wanted a fully paid trip to the US for her birthday.

I am sure he gets a lot of such bizarre requests and the best thing is to ignore them but she persisted. Morah then sent a series of messages in which she claimed the artist was evil for failing to fulfil her request and even went ahead to threaten him.

According to screenshots that were shared by Paul on his Instagram account, she was so mad she called him out saying she will kill him because od wants evil people dead.

Fans concerned that Willy Paul has a thirst problem


All this left Paul in shock he exposed her laughing at the fact that she was confident saying she will not give him a second chance.

Some humans though….. see ehh!! your own hell fire will be V.V.I.P 🔥🔥🔥 popping sniper and ota pia pai 🍾🍾🍾🤣🤣 second chance Kee you there 

We just hope this was social media noise because based on his fan base here in Kenya, I am sure we don’t want him dead.

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