She was in the Kiss FM studios on Tuesday, where she refuted illuminati claims. If you don’t know Msupa S has been trending for several days now, all this because of her new song.

Kenya’s newest female rapper Msupa S is being attacked online by trolls who claim she is preaching illuminati.

Even Khaligraph Jones and Octopizzo have faced controversy over illuminati claims in their songs.

Msupa S’ song “I don’t care” released on July 5, is so demonic as alleged by some unhappy people, who have shared images of what they claim is illuminati cult.

Apparently the claims further suggest that even her Instagram profile is a cross with her at the centre and right behind her is a curled red snake…The pyramid with a eye at the centre appears often as the song plays along.

Look at some of the images that are being widely shared online to supposedly back claims that it is illuminati. Do you agree? Drop your comments below.

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Walter Walter ..Leave the kale queen alone

Munzatsi Polyn Rukia… Bora uhai

Doreen Wangui Mwangi …Are you kidding me…… Ujinga msupa s anakuaga nayo ata Illuminati hawezi kubalika

Ellyblessed Classic ….Give me a brake..Msupa S just wants cheap publicity to sell out and your falling for it…she knows she has zero talent thus Zero chances to servive so shes trying to sell out with controvercy..akuna iluminaty hapa give her small time utaai mskia tena

Paddie Mwhideh Makhau …Bora uhai,pabana na hali yako.achana na yawatu boss!!!!!

Chemtai Komen …it doesn’t concern me pambana na hali yako

Tonyvaleria De Gazah Prince …Ameheat mbya with a high rate sai ju ya iyo song God forgive them they dont know what they are doing

Ojay Kim Kym …Bora uhai jamaa….Immortal Konsept Pambana na hali yako. You guys saw her first time mkasema ni mshamba anajaribu kuflow. Saa hii ameona limelight mnasema Illuminati. Si ata mimi then niko kwa kikundi pia!!

Mercy Mor ….Just like the title goes…me too I don’t care, I know she did it intentionally to attract views

John Nduhiu …saaa iii ndo mnajua hamjui yeye atafuta kiki tu ! ….that song is ahit anyway , can’t understand the basic message in that song ….anyway vida kali lakini the artist kazi bure tu , atafte hustle ingine mtajua hamjui