The Chief Administrative Secretary (CAF) in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ababu Namwamba is a rebel.

As in R.E.B.E.L.

There is nothing you will tell him about his fashion sense that he himself has not yet seen and sorted out based on occasion.

He has been trending because of a recent series of photos he posted during his visit to South Africa.

He tweeted:

“Arrived in South Africa last evening to represent H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta at the SADC Solidarity Conference with Saharawi Republic to be opened by SA President Cyril Ramaphosa. Conference for solidarity with people of Sahrawi and amplify call to implement UN & AU resolutions.”

Ababu posted photos of him on official duty but the issue most people had, was that he was dressed in jeans.

He defended that to a tweep saying:

“Travel attire buddy😊.”

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Anyhow, today he sought to clarify the matter.

“Just got to love KOT, don’t you! Enjoyed this “Ababu-Terrah clad” brouhaha amidst the bustle of preparing to return home from representing my boss, my President in Pretoria.”

Adding, “On dress code thingie, I travel easy, and dress smart for officials. Denim is dope. Thaz my style buddiez!”

One Tweep, @demaco commented, “A government officer, on an official work visit abroad, representing 45 million Kenyans dresses like koffi Olomide.”

On a lighter note, Ababu responded, “Look zote tumemaster! Na Congolese Musiki mimi Penda sana!😍🤣”

Ababu lists the various looks he has mastered
1. Kuna funeral look…
2. Kuna look ya guests…
3. Kuna look ya country…
4. Kuna look ya heppy…
5. Kuna official look…
6. Hata stone face iko for attention!

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Check him out looking casual away from his suits.

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