If like me you thought you knew as much about Diamond as there was to know -given how public his life is, then you are sorely mistaken. It turns out Diamond Platnumz has a child who is 7 years old.

So if you are keeping score with Diamond’s baby-making prowess and virility, he has 3 children; two by Zari Hassan and one by Hamisa Mobetto, one on the way by Tanasha Donna and now has another who is 7 years old.

He recently granted an interview to¬†Mrishompoto, in which he revealed that while he is aware of the child’s existence, he has never met the child nor is he involved in the child’s life. Infact, he is hard-pressed to remember the child’s mother’s name.

When he found out about the child, he attempted to get involved in the child’s life but was informed the child had travelled to Japan. Since then, the child and its mother have entirely disappeared from his life.