Mama Dangote, Mama Diamond, Kendra Michaels, Kendra Sanura or Sanura Kassim depending on what she wants you to call her at a particular moment is back in the headlines like she never left but this time it’s not about her pregnancy but rather her perceived preferential treatment of Diamond’s son by Tanasha over Prince Nillan.

The sad truth of the tough pregnancy journey ahead for Mama Diamond

To be entirely fair, when you become a celebrity, you open yourself up to people’s opinions regardless of how stupid they may be. And that is precisely what happened when Mama Diamond took to her social media to celebrate her newest grandson.

Do you want me dead? Mama Diamond responds to pleas for her to have many more children

You see, it really is difficult to celebrate a child you have no access to. And before you start saying dumb stuff like “Zari has never banned Diamond nor his family from visiting the children”, you need to understand the costs involved. you cannot be spending 30K Kshs one way every month. You can imagine by just how much the costs would balloon if diamond went to visit his children with his mother, siblings and Tanasha Donna.

All loved up! A pregnant Mama Diamond gushes as she basks in Rally Jones glow

And Mama Diamond has done what we all would given that situation. And so a fan turned her celebration of Diamond’s new son into a dark event. This is how the situation unfolded:

Innocuous post aye? Not what this fan thought: