Burna boy did not get a trophy at the grammy awards thanks to this amazing woman, Angelique Kidjo.

This was not her first Grammy award-winning but the third. She has quite a wide-ranging career.

Personally, I did not know what an incredible singer Kdijo was until the grammy awards. She is a citizen of Benin. Kidjo sings, writes songs and acts. On top of it all, she is an activist.

Her music videos are so cultural and creative. She has quite a diverse musical influence. It has ventured into a variety of music genres such as afro-pop, afrobeat, reggae, jazz, gospel, Latin and worldbeat. She is a woman of many tastes.

Just a few minutes ago she has launched a new hit song with Yemi Alade called ‘shekere’ and it is quite the hit song.

A blend of culture and modernism.

A strong voice that will leave you feeling thrilled.

Angelique Kidjo is the first woman to be featured in the 2019 CNN  list of Africa’s biggest music stars. BBC referred to her as ‘the queen of African music’ after an amazing performance that she did at the Royal Albert Hall.

Yemi Alade is yet to release her new song, Shekere

Her voice was also described as a dazzling precision to vocal power. her concerts are continued proof of her unpredictable and exceptional creative range.

The London times said that Angelique Kidjo had the most electrifying world music prom in at least a decade.

Check her youtube channel and listen to ‘Agolo’ and ‘Wambo Lombo’. I promise you. you will be thrilled with this powerful and spectacular musician.

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