Men who have their own bachelor pad can probably put something in their apartment that unfortunately rubs off on people the wrong way especially female company.

Men who posses these might have either been poorly advised by their friends or they probably copied something off a Hollywood movie. It’s not really their fault they just need to be corrected.

The infamous black couch

You would not believe the number of black couches I’ve seen in bachelor pads. I’m willing to bet that no one in the history of the world has ever walked into their friends/boyfriends house and felt comfortable when they sat on it. Please, it’s not a blue movie and it’s pretty cold! get rid of it

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The extremely big TV

I understand, believe me I really do. You want to be entertained and impress your friends when they come over to watch the game, but you spent all your money on buying the biggest TV in the world and completely ignored the rest of the house. If you can afford it and furnish the rest of your house kudos.. but if you can’t, be a little patient till you can. Pay attention to the rest of your place, that 80 inch Samsung OLED will come and it’ll probably be better than the one you initially wanted to purchase.

Terrible/neglected beddings

Think about it, how long do you sleep? You probably spend half your life in your bed, so why would you cheapen out on it plus it could lead to serious health problems with your spine if your mattress is not suitable. Spend a little extra on the sheets, it’s worth it.

The clutter and dirty dishes

I get it brother I really do, you come back home from work or a night out with your friends. You stare at that Mount Vesuvius of a pile of clothes and dishes and you think to yourself “Ill deal with it tomorrow.”

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Tomorrow arrives, then you reschedule that chore to the next day and the cycle continues and before you know it the whole house is a health hazard. No one would want to visit you when the know you house looks and smells like a garbage pile.

Do yourself a favour and do like Nike tell you. Just do it, besides that’s one less thing to worry about and if anyone decides to pop in an unannounced, you’ll be prepared.

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