Popular Papa Shirandula actress Daisy Netia, alias Naliaka, says when she first met the love of her life, Justus Netia, she felt nothing for him.

“When I first saw him I did not feel anything because we were going on a work trip and I was very dusty that I did not think anyone would notice me,” Naliaka said during a recent interview on TV.

She says her husband, however, noticed her and even took photos of her, which he shared after one year.

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Even when her now husband mentioned that he wanted to start a relationship with the actress, she took her time.

“I took long before dating him because I wanted a relationship that would lead to marriage,” she said.

Justus adds that him taking long to give her the photos was only a ploy to get closer to her.

Daisy Netia Naliaka

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“It was really hard to get her. Having her photos gave me a chance because she kept asking for them,” he said.

At some point, he gave up and even deleted her phone number, but things worked out along the way.

“She was beautiful and I wanted us to be friends but it was an uphill task winning her over,” Justus said.

He got a job in Nigeria and that’s when he called her and informed her he was relocating.

“I told her my intentions but she told me to go for the job as planned and promised me that we would talk later,” he said.

The two kept in touch, talking on the phone, Skype and WhatsApp. She eventually said yes to him and the couple have been married for almost three years and have a son who is one and a half years old.

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