The makeup world is tremendously growing and women have embraced makeup unlike years back when they feared to put on makeup, afraid to be judged.

But one item in the makeup bag that has taken over is the lipstick. Whoever came up with the lipstick idea is a genius and should be awarded big time.

Adelle Onyango/ Courtesy

We have different kinds of lipsticks, from liquid to stick and they have all worked great for us. The matte lipsticks are a life saver. They don’t come off easily and you can stay with it for a whole day without having to reapply.

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Women have embraced lipsticks and some have even gone ahead and launched their own lipstick brands.

Here are female celebrities who have lipstick lines;

Huddah Monroe

About a year or so ago, Huddah launched her lipstick line, Huddah Cosmetics, that has 16 different shades you can choose from. She has managed to give women a local brand that they can afford.

Pauline Cosmetics

Pauline Cosmetics is proudly owned by Nelly Tuikong, who started her makeup line years ago. Her main aim for coming up with the line was to cater to women with different complexions. Having studied abroad, she saw how had it is for ladies to get their perfect shades and hence coming to the rescue. Her lipsticks are to die for and they come in different shades.

Adelle Onyango

Adelle recently launched her clothing line, Anyango Capsule Collection, that is dedicated to her late mother. Among her collections is a lipstick that she collaborated with Pauline Cosmetics to come up with the right shade that can be worn by any woman.

Ceasarine Nyaseda

Ceasarine is the founder and owner of Kavirondo Beauty, a brand that she founded in the U.S. She has 10 different shades of lipstick that are to die for. Each lipstick has a Kenyan name, for example one shade is called Naxx which represents Nakuru. She is currently in the country to launch the brand.

Hamisa Mobetto

Tanzanian socialite Hamisa recently launched her lipstick line called Charmed. She currently has 5 shades, Aisha, Zola, Feker, Warris and Amara. The best part is that they are matte, so we really don’t have to reapply.

Wema Sepetu

Wema is not one to be left behind as she too has a lipstick line called Wema Sepetu Lipstick. The lipsticks come in 6 different shades. A few years back, Wema had launched Kiss by Wema lipstick but couldn’t be accessed because they were not approved for sale by Tanzania’s Food and Drug Authority who saw it unfit for human use.

There you have it ladies. You have so many choices now, so stun away.

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