The list may be quite long. but there certainly are female celebrities that have improved their fashion sense. they set the trend for the fashion industry this 2020. Their mode of dressing is unique to them.

Joy Kendi

Joy Kendi is quite the fashionista. She is a fashion blogger and a lifestyle content creator. Joy covers a whole lot of content in her video blogs from travels to fashion to beauty. Call her a woman of steel. Kendi has built her career from scratch. Her profession has shown a lot of growth over time. Her stylish dressing definitely puts her on the list.

Huddah Monroe

Mostly known by the term socialite Huddah is a public figure and a fashion entrepreneur. Her business, ‘Huddah cosmetics’ seems to be a source of encouragement to many.

Her photos on Instagram show just how stylish this woman is.

Anita Nderu

She is a Kenyan media personality. Anita is a woman who serves various capacities in the media industry. she emcees, she is a tv presenter, she is a radio presenter. Her hard work is evident. And her fashion sense, top-notch

Betty Kyallo

A very well known anchor, formerly in KTN. Betty is a great encouragement to the modern world through hard work. Betty is an MC, she is a journalist, a brand influencer but most especially, she is a mother. All this and betty still maintains a fashion sense worth talking about.

Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika is a Kenyan television and social media personality and celebrity. She is also a video vixen entrepreneur and a socialite. Vera has quite a lavish lifestyle. She launched veetox tea, a herbal tea that is claimed to reduce bloating, clean the digestive system, improve the digestive system and burn belly fat. Vera Sidika has a unique way of looking good.

Brenda Wairimu

A Kenyan actress and a model. She has featured in Mali, Selina and many more. Brenda is currently starring in  Monica. Wairimu is also a mother. Wairimu has a really good sense of fashion. She is one person someone can look up to in terms of fashion.

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