Akothee came forth to accuse a female promoter, a Kenyan based in America no less of putting her in danger with the way she conducted her affairs. To make matters worse, the promoter, Sarah Okindo had promised to help Akothee with raising funds for her foundation, Akothee Foundation which was set up for charitable purposes.

Akothee talks about being stranded in America after “wealthy” hostess abandons her

The promoter has since responded by sharing screenshots of the conversations between the two and wouldn’t you know it that Madam Boss has already responded to Sarah Okindo?

Akothee came back at her with a long rebuttal which read as follows:

Wait a minute, are you kidding me? who is Sara talking too with the name Esther Akothee ? Yet he demanded to talk to the Artist directly after cancelling the tickets and hotel 🤷‍♂️🙆‍♂️ wait I am going crazy now. What is this woman talking about , when was this which number is this ,what’s cash ap
Wait this thing is deeper than I thought, can we all get sober and help me figure out all this rubbish @okindosarah are you out of your mind? Or did someone corn you in my name 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ if someone corned you in my name, why dint you collect courage and ask me while you were busy telling me all your family challenges? By the time We were done with lunch ,you had already poured out your heart to me, 🙊which I understand as a woman, but hey , did you just set up this conversation now? Because things blew out ! Or are you kidding me? Sara you know we have laws right ! And I am not one of those primitive artists whom you can sway around your way! Give evidence of this being me or I take it head with you ? Chieth , everything recieved for the foundation is posted here ! Why is yours on the low, did you collect money from your friend and failed to deliver for the foundation ? I HAVE NO COMMUNICATION WITH YOU apart from when we had lunch and the story was all about your family challenges, I could not even have my lunch in peace, come explain this ,Or I get back to AMERICA