fena and njugush

Well known comedian Njugush, known for his rib cracking vines on our social media platforms is currently at the entry in the music industry.

He has featured in Fena Gitu’s new hit track ‘ Sijaskia Vibaya’ to imply ‘ I have not felt bad’

Fena Gitu & Njugush
Fena Gitu & Njugush

The phrase ‘sijaskia vibaya’ is mostly in use by NJugush in his short funny clips featuring his wife Celestine Ndinda aka Mama Kavinye.The short hilarious clips have gained him & the wife a large audience and landed him couple of advertisements across all boards.

In the track, Njugush is heard throwing couple of funny lines through out the song and his dancing is on another hilarious level.

At some point he says,

“Na tena na natema na Fena… Nimerap mpaka ninahema, kama hema! Denri wanashonanga hema?

…. hii itakuwa hit watu watoe jacket juu ya joto”


Watch the video below Sijaskia Vibaya, which is currently trending at #1

Kindly be the judge and let us know if it’s a hit or a miss?