Fena Gitu

Fena Gitu is definitely a phenomenal woman who has proved that women can do right about anything they set their mind too.

Her music career has grown tremendously and every jam she releases is an instant hit.

Fena Gitu

In January, Sauti Sol released a hit ft Tiwa Savage, but what surprised many was when it was revealed that Fena actually co-wrote the lyrics. How cool is that.

For years, Fena has had dreadlocks and they’ve grown quite long. Taking to social media, she explained what drove her to wear dreads and not another style.

Fena Gitu

Hey Hey!! It’s the Fenamenal Woman, Fena Gitu, 8 years dreadlocked and a proud @marini.naturals Brand Ambassador! I chose dreadlocks because initially I was too lazy to comb my perm hair, but soon enough I understood that it is a lifestyle of love, light and positive vibrations! There is so much that Africa has to offer the world through music, fashion and a rich urban culture, and I am passionate about being at the forefront of putting us on the global map. I love to see my fellow country people shine! My dream is to be one of Africa’s most revered music artists of our generation for years to come,” she wrote.

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