We have all heard of Hessy, the fierce ‘killer’ cop who is credited for thinning the herd that is criminal gangs in Easatlands.

He is also credited for the phrase, ‘Utajua haujui’, a hrase directed at gangs when they are being warned that they will be killed if they don”t reform.

The issue of extra-judicial killings is a fire subject indeed.

BBC Africa Eye presents a look inside the world of Kenya’s ‘Killer Cop” who went after Eastleigh’s criminal gangs like superpower.

A member of the outlawed gang spoke to BBC and said that they only walk around with knives but don’t carry guns. Also, their addiction to drugs is what fuels their passion for crime.

“There are drugs involved like codeine, once you take it you cannot recognise even your own mother,” the gang menber said.

Speaking about extra judicial killing, the gang member said, “It is like a cat and rat, the rat is very afraid of the cat. If i try, I cannot even count my friends who have been killed.”

Check out the video below of Superpower gang members jacking someone in broad daylight.

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For the first time cameras enter the world of one of Kenya’s most controversial police officers, who became national news after mobile footage showed him gunning down two apparently unarmed men in broad daylight in 2017.

BBC Africa Eye joins Corporal Ahmed Rashid as he seeks to rid the streets of gangsters and criminals in Eastleigh, Nairobi.

Reporter Jamal Osman hears from Rashid’s supporters and critics, and questions Kenyan authorities on the state of law and order in the country.

“When the cameras stopped rolling, Ahmed Rashid told me, he was not going to talk about any police killings unless he had authorization from his boss,” Jamal said in the documentary.

When he reached out to the police boss, Charles Owino, the Kenya Police Spokesperson, he said,

“The regulations are simple, you can only interview a gazetted officer of the rank of superintendent and above, so you cannot interview him. You see he has been accused and we cannot use TV as a platform for him to him to defend himself. We have systems, let the officer do his work.””

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Pressing further, Owino shouted back,

“Boss, please. Don’t annoy me.”

Watch the entire documentary in the link below.

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