Finally fashion
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Almost everybody is fashion forward nowadays and getting along with the whole program…Honestly, it’s quite amazing to watch.

But when you look back to think about it, there were some horrible fashion items we wore back then. Have you ever found yourself saying a prayer for pictures of you in these outfits not to get out because they were just ridiculous?

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Here are a few terrible fashion trends that should absolutely remain dead.

1. Drop Crotch Jeans

Don’t know where the inspiration behind this came from but nah.

2. Baggy Shorts

This was a terrible idea in all honesty.

3. Rolling Belts

Remember how these young lads would tuck their shirts behind their belts and spin it just becausethe belt gatts to show….Be serious!

4. Colour Blocking

This was apparently a thing for many Kenyans and for the sake of our eyes, I’m glad just a few people still keep up such habits.

5. Sagging

We must have all heard the prison story about sagging but why would you want to do this to yourself?

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