Lillian Muli

Lillian Muli is sick and tired of all the fake news that has been going on about her.

The Citizen TV anchor just wants to do her job with no form of publicity revolving around her life. Lillian is complaining that stories are written about her all the time and most if not all have zero facts about her.

Lillian Muli

She even laughs asking if there is a Lillian Muli clone who lives the life people have been saying and writing about her and the life she is living.

Everyday I read stuff about me that surprises and amuses me. I mean is that me y’all write and read about or did someone clone me? Please find me that Lillian these guys write about and let me shake her hand she is so full of drama and so many people feed off it. That free Publicity is good but i’m not looking for fame. No popularity ever paid anyone’s bills unless it translates to a huge pay Cheque! But Thanks anyway. Let’s direct that energy to my new projects shall we???i will need your attention there. Panganga aka mdomo tuache

Lillian Muli changed her bio and added ‘wife’ which raised questions on whether she is back with her baby daddy, Jared Nevaton. She then took to social media to clarify that she is back with the father of her child, months after announcing she left who she referred to as ‘community husband’.

‘He is the father to my baby’ Lillian Muli on her reunion with Jared

Lillian Muli’s post (Instagram)

The one thing she wants her fans to know is that when it comes to popularity, it will never pay your bills so work hard and do what will actually benefit your life.

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