The two rugby players who were sentenced to 15 years for the rape of Kenyan singer Wendy Kemunto, Alex Mahaga and Frank Wanyama, had lives before their sentencing.

Everything you need to know about the groundbreaking ruling in which two rugby players were found guilty of raping Kenyan singer

Before they were known for having been accused then sentenced for the rape of Wendy Kemunto, they led the lives of young rugby players talented enough to represent Kenya on the international stage.

Rugby players accused of raping Kenyan singer sentenced to 15 years

As such, they had social lives and friends. The friends they had have their opinions of what happened but at the end of the day, the courts have spoken. That aside, they have not stopped supporting the pair and one of them jumped in our comment section and gave us these words about his friend:

Nope, It was more of the people vs these two. Considering the investigation was based on an Instagram post months after it happened. These two literally didn’t stand a shot, would you risk having your sex tape leak as well, that would have ruined them too. I hope the accusser is happy but she only knows the truth about this but it’s a bad ruling.

@mburu_nj anyone who knows olaba in particular would tell you that he’s one of the humblest and most hard working kids you’ll ever know. National team at 21yrs. Got into alliance high school,did well in Strath. Even the “me too’ movement in USA and Europe only got top executives fired from their jobs and not jail time.