Vera Sidika is ready to have a baby this year. It seems 2020 is the year she had planned to have a celebrity baby.

In one of her Instagram posts, the socialite was asked by a fan when she was going to give birth,

“When will you get a kid?’

In response, the socialite cum singer said that;


But the question is, who will be the father?

In 2018, Sidika broke up with her Nigerian boyfriend Yommy Jones, after allegedly physically assaulted her.

In 2019, she got into a relationship with Kenyan singer Otile Brown, a relationship that lasted 6 or so months. It later ended after the two exposed each other in the most savage of ways. Sidika said Otile had a small cassava.

She then got into a relationship with a Tanzanian doctor Jimmy Chansa who broke up early this year. The two have since deleted each other’s photos on Instagram.

Sidika is yet to unveil her new boo but is sure that she will have a baby soon.

Vera Sidika finally reacts concerning her break up with Jimmy Chansa