babu owino
Babu Owino

Babu Owino is in trouble after causing drama early this morning at the popular Nairobi entertainment spot, B – club.

The source said,

“There is Drama in the building. I walked in to find slay queens wailing, guys running around, and watchies in panic. Babu Owino had drawn his gun and shot somebody at B Club. Babu has now taken the guy to the nearest hospital.”

According to DCI, detectives have managed to recover the firearm that is suspected to have been used by Hon. Babu Owino at the B Club shooting incident. Nine rounds of ammunition and a spent cartridge have also been recovered and placed as exhibits awaiting analysis by ballistic experts.

‘There was confrontation between Babu’s bouncers and I’ Close friend to Babu Owino reveals details

DCI has sent out a statement that the Embakasi MP is in lawful custody as they continue with their investigation.

Here is a rare picture of him at Kilimani Police Station:


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