Kamene and Kibe this morning had a special guest in studio for the Morning Kiss in memory of Daniel Moi. It was none other than Shaffie Weru.

Today we woke up to sad news about the death of Kenya’s second president, Daniel Arap Moi. The whole nation is mourning, referring to him as a legendary man who put a lot of effort into building the nation.

Andrew Kibe and Shaffie are almost the same age, and so when Moi was President, they were among the young fellas back then who benefited from the love of Moi. They shared their memories of the Moi era.

Shaffie Weru met him on a one on one basis and shared details of his encounter with Kamene and Kibe.

“I met him four times the first time I met him he chucked my earings. Donald Kiprori was going to vote so we had a layover at Moi’s to have tea. The first time I saw him he asked me hizo ni nini kwa Maskio? This was in 2005, 2006. I removed them very fast and put them in my pocket. Do not play with the real OG!” Shaffie shared

Shaffie added that on that day they had breakfast, and that shocked him. He was expecting some rich man’s breakfast but he was surprised they were served sweet potatoes.

“We were given some bad Nguaci and I kept wondering with all their money, they can’t give us some croissants? But he was all about his health. I was a nyayo baby.  I went to nyayo hospital, saw nyayo estate being build and used the Nyayo buses. He used to pass through Moi girls and just drop chums. He used to pass there like once a week. His government was so organized we were young but we remember. Haf of the time we do not know where our President is.”

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Kamene was just there listening to the two men speaking on their memories of Moi.

“When he left the town on his way back to state house, we were forced to carry a flag and sing to him as he passed by our school.” Kibe shared

The other thing they both remembered was maziwa ya nyayo. This was the most memorable thing for most Kenyans. Shaffie and KIbe spoke about how school going children enjoyed drinking milk supplied to all pubic primary schools.

Here at Kiss100, we would like to send our condolences in this time of mourning. Rip Daniel Arap Moi.

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