Akothee, the boss lady has always filled your social media pages with her content about her life and her career. Well, Akothee, the boss lady has traits that are quite good but nobody takes notice of.

She has these five major qualities that you probably ignored about her.

Akothee’s charitable initiative to build Lady Maureen’s mother a house

Her honesty

Akothee has always been an open book to her fans. She is honest about her multiple baby daddys, finances and dating. Unlike most celebrities, she celebrates her every decision in life and talks about them.

Her level of generosity;

Akothee has always put herself out there to help others. Just recently she heard about lady Maureen’s condition and availed herself to help wherever she could. She even started an initiative to build lady Maureen and her mother a home.

Akothee is a go-getter;

Akothee has always gone for what she wants. Basing on her story. She came from a background where you do not expect anyone to gain wealth and fame but here we are. She has always flaunted her success with her story following closely behind it.

Akothee’s love for her children and family;

Before anything else, I’d sai that Akothee has always put her children and family first. Just yesterday she was at the hospital checking up on her sister in law who had just given birth. In this same year, she treated her sister to a lavish birthday in a magnificent hotel.

Her brutality;

Akothee has always been brutal. mostly in a good way. She attacks anyone who attacks her. And she corrects (brutally) anyone who falsely talks about her. She recently attacked a blogger whom she felt had said something false about her.

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