50 Cent/ Instagram

It’s never a dull moment on 50 Cent’s IG.

When he is not attacking Wendy Williams, he is collecting money owed him.

And when that is not the case, he is feuding with Jah Rule and insulting his peers as well as posting hilarious content on his account.

That is why I believe 50 Cent is the king of IG and if you want to follow interesting people, then Fifty is your man.

He recently took up a race-based cause against Gucci and trust that he did it with a flare that only he could manage because Gucci has been on some rather race insensitive tip.

Who better to address their shenanigans than a man of incredible clout who answers to no one?

And he doesn’t only post memes about his enemies but even humorous posts involving him where he is the butt of the joke.

So what’s not to like?

I would strongly advise you to consider following ol’ Curtis Jackson because there is never a dull moment.

The lecture just got boring?

Fif will spice up a few of your minutes. You are on a potty break and in need of some inspiration?

Why not scroll his timeline?