For every catastrophe comes opportunities and as much as the covid-19 disaster has created losses, there are a number of companies and service providers who rank as  big winners.


Food and alcohol delivery apps

Someone once told me that there are loads of people who are rich and lazy at the same time. Some find cooking a tough job and would rather order or do take outs.

This means some food delivery apps for example; Uber eats and glovo have had a bumper season and are probably not feeling the Covid-19 heat.

This also applies to alcohol delivery applications, since they are the only saviors now that bars and pubs were ordered to close.


I know this might sound strange given the fact that lack of concerts largely affected their revenues. 

But for artists who have registered their music into different streaming avenues, stand a grwat chance to reap big.

If they also work smart and release new music and follow it up with social media challenges, that would lead more people to these streaming outlets, hence more money.

Social media companies

With increased fun social media  challenges, popping up everyday across different applications, the number of social media users across the world is set to triple as more and more people look for new ways to beat boredom and connect with their friends.

This can also be fueled by celebrities who are holding LIVE sessions and parties on their pages.

Right now I bet you Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter and Viskit numbers are ballooning every single day.

Telco companies

The likes of Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom are reaping big right now, thanks to the millions of people who relied on the office Wi-fi and now have no option but to buy data bundles.

Everyone is freaking out about all this Covid-19 situation and they have to stay online for live updates.

Apart from data, people are not taking any chances and they are even stocking up on credit just to keep checking on their friends and families.


Internet providers

Speaking of data, not every telco company provides internet service for its customers, so this means other market players have an upper hand. 

The likes of Zuku and poa internet among others are enjoying new subscriptions from people who want to stay entertained and those who need internet to enable them working from home.

Pay TV providers

Right now, the likes of DSTV, GOtv and Startimes are also swimming in profits. 

The fact that the football season has also been affected by Covid-19, does not affect subscriptions since everyone wants to keep their eyes glued to the news for every update surrounding the pandemic.

Most providers have even went a step ahead and offered a significant discount in order to retain their customers.

Content creators

Apart from artists, the likes of comedians and youtubers are also regarded as content creators. 

Depending on how they have positioned themselves, they are having a party season with clients sponsoring their crafts.