Nicki Minaj’s husband Kenneth Petty was arrested for failing to register as a se3 offender.

However rather than kick him to the curb and cut her losses, the rapper is acting the loyal wife and standing by him.

According to US law, se3 offenders are required to register by the se3 offender registration and notification act. The embarrassing arrest has been trending online with everyone giving their opinion.

Once the offenders have registered, they are supposed to do registrations again each time they change their jurisdiction. Apparently, Kenneth Petty moved from New York to California and allegedly did not register.

Although he was arrested and taken to court, he pleaded not guilty to the offense. All this while, Nicki was beside him to support him. The two began dating way back in 2018 with the media trolling them about their relationship.

She has repeatedly defended him against these charges. Kenneth was released on Sh10million bond.

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