J Blessing is back in the news again and this time once again, it is about his rumoured penchant for siring children with multiple women.

The videographer and popular music video director was even outed by his former mentee, gospel singer Bahati who said the only man he is afraid of leaving his wife Diana Marua is J Blessing because…

‘He is a good player’ Bahati exposes J Blessing

I will not repeat the adage about where there is smoke… Because I am not predictable. And that is how I am going segue into the rumours about Avril and J Blessing.

‘Ask J Blessing,’ Avril finally opens up about her baby daddy

You see, the two have alot of chemistry and people are always linking the two together with romantic bonds. And the masses would love for their fantasy to play out between J blessing and Avril BUT there is a new stumbling block to achieving this: a new lass has stepped forth accusing J Blessing of impregnating her and only taking care of the child for the first months of its life before exiting stage left.

I was in a relationship with J Blessing but he left me. I was hurt, so I took a break

A singer by the name of Malaika has come forth from the shadows to claim that J Blessing is a dead beat dad.

Photocopy: Meet J Blessing’s Son With Radio Presenter And Ex-Girlfriend Mwende