As expected, in the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic,  every government is looking at the economic repercussions but who is focused on the relationship aspect?

Well I am! And for real though many relationships are already suffering especially following the call to practice social distancing.

We all know for every relationship to flourish we need more than communication, and that means couples need to interact or hook up on a regular basis especially for those who are still courting.

I have come up with at least 5 ways I feel the coronavirus will affect many relationships;


  1. No time for clande

Slay queens out there who heavily rely on their older and richer lovers will feel the heat of all this. One, no lover will send you that ‘quarantine money’ more than once knowing really well y’all are never going to hook up. 

So what this means  is you will just stick to sending him those s3xy photos as you pray for all this situation to end.

On the other hand, these sponzas now have no choice but to rub their own vitambis as they tolerate their annoying spouses. 

  1. Fighting over petty issues

Speaking of annoying spouses, we all know they are the reason many men stay out till late and the reason why these women look for ben tens.

Now imagine how the mood in the house when the two have to stay quarantined at home and have to fight all those awkward moments. That would soon translate into fighting over petty issues just to avoid communicating with each other.


  1. Zero intimacy

Intimacy will be heavily affected during this tough period, as no one will be looking to come into contact with their lovers with fear of contracting the virus.

We all know this will surely bring about trust issues in relationships hence denting any chances left of receiving those booty rubs and those passionate fallacials.


  1. Space issues

I am the kind of a lover who loves his space and I very much appreciate not feeling ‘choked’ by my lover who is always in my space.

So imagine if I live with my girlfriend whom I will be seeing every minute of the day for the next one month. 

That is bound to create issues between us especially if she will be constantly begging for my attention, even when I am trying to work.


5.OCD issues

OCD stands for obsessive compulsive disorder which simply means people who are obsessed with sanitation and the need to always keep cleaning stuff. Now mix this with those neat freaks.

Now imagine dating a neat freak or someone with OCD issues and you happen to be the guy who doesn’t care about it all.

This means the two of you will keep fighting about why you did not spread your bed or why you left your cup on the dining table after finishing your breakfast. This is where you start cursing Corona and missing your work place.