Kumbe pia wewe ni kafisi? Controversial gospel singer Bahati is one lucky man who gets all the sexy girls! Bahati is currently head over heels in love with his video vixen bae Diana Marua, who’s featured in his wedding themed-song Mapenzi. Before he met his current eye candy, the singer was crushing on Tanzanian actress Elizabeth Lulu Michael whom he admitted to have fallen in love with on national radio.

“Nikawezampata Lulu Elizabeth Michael ni kama nitakua nimetulia kabisa…Ni kama mtaacha kusikia niko single tena…Siwezimind..Mwambieni Millard nimemtuma apeleke hio barua kwa Elizabeth Michael”

bahati and girlfriends4

But hey girls, do you wanna know why this hit maker is deep in love with these lasses? Maybe you could be the next he falls in love with. Here is why;

They Are Team Light Skin

Bahati seems to get attracted to these two possibly because they are light skin, which evidently melts his heart. Did I mention that the two also seem to look alike? Maybe Mtoto Wa Mama just wanted someone else resembling Elizabeth Lulu after she publicly turned him down. The poor boy!

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They’ve Got A Great Sense Of Fashion

Almost every man loves a girl who is well informed on almost every topic not to mention sense of style. This is one good reason why the Maria hitmaker is going Koo Koo. Lulu is a well known Tanzanian socialite while Diana Marua is a model who through the love of her life has gained a massive following.

bahati and girlfriends2

Young And Vibrant

There’s no doubt that Bahati likes young women. In an interview, this is what he jokingly said;

“Age inamatter buda kwetu ghetto, unaezaleta mtu wamatha wa mtaani wamkatae. Wadai ‘Buda huyu ndo atakula pesa ya mtoto wetu?’ So age inamatter”

He Loves The Diana’s

Well, apart from the physical attributes he likes his ideal lass to have, it seems like Bahati loves girls named Diana. After being turned down by the love of his life Diana Elizabeth, he immediately looked around and found Diana Marua. That makes sense, right?

bahati and girlfriends3

They Are All Team Forehead

Even make up artists know that make up pops on girls with a little bit of a forehead. You see how you love one feature in a person like lips or perhaps eyes? Well, Bahati is one guy who is a lover of foreheads and in the search for his ideal woman, this is one thing he considered.

Well, congratulations on landing the girl of your dreams bruh!

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