Ivy Wangechi was buried on Thursday in Nyeri.

The funeral service was very emotional for both friends and family.

Ivy’s small sister, Cheryl, was overcome by grief to a point where she couldn’t read out her tribute.

Cheryl’s tribute read:

“I am blessed to call you my sister for you were the best sister I could have asked for. You will always have a place in my heart and I will treasure the memories we shared.”

Ivy Wangechi’s mom last tribute before been lowered to the grave

Cheryl added, “I never thought I’d ever lose you. It still remains unreal. I don’t know how to act like the first born and I don’t think I’m ready for it.

She stated, “I believe you are in a better place, happy and fine and hopefully will meet you again.”

Adding, “I am proud to have called you my sister. I don’t have the rest of my life with you but I am grateful for the years we shared. They’ll forever be part of me. I love you and will forever miss you.”

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Ivy Wangechi funeral

Ivy’s brother, Elvis also read his tribute:

“Ivy my dearest sister, I will miss many things about you like your smile, voice and also your looks. This is my last goodbye as you rest in peace and letting you know that or you will always be my big sister will always be in my heart forever.”

Shosh, Beatrice Wangechi, also gave her tribute praising Ivy for being an upstanding member of society who was beautiful and ambitious. She also forgave Ivy’s killer, Naftali Kinuthia.

“I have forgiven, in the Lord, the person that did this to you as I can’t ask him a question but God who sees everything will ask him the questions.”

Adding, “My prayer is that God will give my granddaughter, Tesh, eternal rest and may she rest on Abraham’s chest where he keeps his loved ones until that time when all shall rise and we shall meet again.”

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