During the morning show on Breakfast with the Stars with Adelle and Shaffie, a special man by the name David Etale, gave a moving story about his life and the hardships he has gone through, trying to survive in this world.

David was once a football player in Kenya, who played for Tusker FC and KCB FC, before joining the British Army. He served the army for a couple of years, and it was during his serving that he lost his leg at a war zone. Him losing his leg changed his life completely.

david etale on kiss


Life was not easy, because he didn’t know how he would survive with one leg, and this became quite challenging for him. He even stated that he tried committing suicide twice, because he didn’t know how to live this life.

But he realised that life has to go on and only he can make it easier for himself.

Listen to his very moving story below:

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