Fam, I will never get how the mind of a socialite works. Bridget Achieng being the latest example of that. The lass who would fill our timelines with photos of trips to exotic destinations and expensive gifts has had a change of heart.

Bridget Achieng shows off her new Chanel shoes worth KSH 159,800

Bridget Achieng can be remembered for being a socialite, reality TV star and now entrepreneur selling skincare products (I think the poison that she sells to bleach and lighten one’s complexion falls into this category).

And we at Kiss 100 cannot blame her for not wanting to be reminded of statements she made like:

“I am an escort who does both wholesale and retail” Bridget Achieng reveals

Also, she at some point was accused of having gone after Vera Sidika’s ex:

Nairobi D Star Bridget Achieng Tears At Vera Sidika Savagely! (VIDEO)

Anyway, Bridget, as I said earlier, had a change of heart and now wants a man who will love her and her son. She wants the man of her dreams to sweep her off her feet and give her a happily ever after. She recently took to her social media page to share her feelings on the matter:

I feel like half the girls who are single are wife materials and no one their age knows how to handle such a great package

Huh… Go figure… BTW what happened to the West African man she would flaunt to us Kenyan men and say he and his kin and kith are better than us East African men?!