Former Sta8 Up host, Nancy Namtero Mdee aka Tero Mdee was one of the most beautiful and loved female presenters and celebrities in Kenya at her time.

She once won Chaguo La Teeniz, for the Best Teeniz and Presenter Of The Year award, which was a big deal back then. Tero was to leave her successful career to go back to her motherland, Tanzania, to get married, which was sad news for her fans.


She got married to a pastor in Arusha by the name, Hebron Kisamo, and the once fashionable Tero became conservative with her dressing, even covering her hair, because she is now a pastors wife and a mother too.


Kenyan’s were shocked when some photos of her leaked with the husband and their little one. It’s also reported that Namtero Mdee is actually sister to Tanzania’s songstress Venessa Mdee.

Well, despite the drastic transformation to this conservative woman, one thing is for sure, she is still very beautiful. Well check out the photos of the new Tero Mdee below.